UE4 recommended files naming convention

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UE4 recommended files naming convention

This is an augmented version of the assets naming convention recommended by Epic for the files of your UE4 projects.
The original version can be found on the Assets Naming Convention Wiki Page

All files are named in UpperCamelCase, with an underscore as word separator (Prefix_)AssetName(_Number)(_Suffix)


by usage (optional because of filters in content browser)

Asset Type Prefix
Characters CH_
User Interface UI_
Vehicles VH_
Weapons WP_

by type

Asset Type Prefix
DataTable DT_
Dialog (AudioVoice) AV_
Particles P_
AnimationBP AnimBP_
Animation Anim_
Blackboard BB_
BehavTree BT_
Blueprint BP_
Skeletal Mesh SK_
Static Mesh SM_
Apex Destructible Asset AD_
Apex Cloth Asset AC_
Morph Target MT_
Speed Tree ST_
Particle System PS_
Lens Flare LF_
Vector Field VF_
Sound S_
SoundCues Cue_
SoundEffect (AudioSound) AS_
MusicFile (AudioMusic) AM_
Material M_
PhysicsMat PhysM_
Material Instance MI_
Material Instance Time Varying MITV_
Material Function MF_
Material Parameter Collection MPC_
Texture T_
Sprite SP_
Sprite Sheet SS_
Texture Cube TC_
Render Target RT_
Physical Material PM_
UI Image Img_
UI Widget W_
Dungeon Architect Asset DA_

for Textures

Asset Type Prefix
Diffuse TexD_
Normal TexN_
Metallic TexM_
Specular TexS_
Roughness TexR_
Opacity TexO_
Mask TexOM_


for textures

Asset Type Suffix
Base color _BC
Metallic _MT
Specular _S
Roughness _R
Normal _N
Displacement _DP
Ambient Occlusion _AO
Height Map _H
Flow Map _FM
Light Map (fake) _L
Mask _M

for meshes

Asset Type Suffix
physics assets (generated name) _Physics
FaceFx assets _FaceFX

for animations

Asset Type Suffix
blend space (generated name) _BlendSpace
animation blueprint (generated name) _AnimBlueprint

for Dungeon Architect plugin

Asset Type Suffix
map _M
dungeon _D
theme _T

Other Types

Asset Type Note
Enumerations start with "E"
Structures end with "Struct"
Curves end with "LUT"

Notes: Maps/Levels have no Prefix, but _MUSTALWAYS be placed in a "Maps" folder.

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