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14-11-19 15:43



Remake of the game "MineStorm", released on the Vetrex console in the 80's.
This game is itself an adaptation of the famous "asteroid".

This project is made for the GameCodeur JAM #11.
The theme of the Jam is "Pure Code".
So no possibility to use images.


Destroy all enemies that appear successively in the level...

14-11-19 15:41



A homemade framework that can be used as a base for LUA and Love2D games.

It contains 2 game prototypes: a side plateformer and a topdown shooter. Others will be added regularly with new features.

No documentation is provided at this time.
However, to facilitate the handling of the framework, the code is clear and widel...

14-11-19 15:40



A game prototype that uses a simplified AI based on a state machine.


Survive as long as you can without getting caught by the horde of zombies.
At each contact, the life level of the player drops.
The game is lost if it reaches 0.

Movements and actions of the player

Change the direction of movement: Q and S...

14-11-19 15:39



A Tetris clone written in LUA and Love2D.


Stack the pieces at the bottom of the screen without leaving any empty space.
Each complete line disappears and give points.
If the stacked pieces reach the top of the screen, the game is over.
The game is won when level 20 is reached, equivalent to 200 lines completed.



14-11-19 15:38



A ShootThemUp game prototype with a vertical scrolling and a top view, written in LUA and Love2D.


Destroy all enemies and survive.
The game is won when level 3 is reached.

Movements and actions of the player

Move the player: the arrows on the keyboard.
Fire: space key.
Restart the game: R key.
Exit the game: cl...

14-11-19 15:16



Prototype of a platform game written in LUA and Love2D.


Collect all the coins to open the door and go to the next level.

Movements and actions of the player

Move the player to the right and left: keys Q and D or the right and left arrows of the keyboard.
Jump or climb up a ladder: Z key or the top arrow on the...

14-11-19 15:00



A simple random dungeon generator
Use Love2D_Skeleton_mini framework, a light version of the Love2D_Skeleton project that only contains the basics for a love2D application.


Nothing special.

Movements and actions of the player

Move the player: moves the mouse.
Move the player: ZQSD keys or the arrows on the key...

14-11-19 14:59



Brick-break game written in LUA and Love2D.


Destroy all the bricks to move to the next level.

The game includes 20 levels.
The game is won when the player has passed the 20 levels of the game.
The game is lost when the player no longer has life.

Movements and actions of the player

Move the player: moves the...

08-08-17 10:37

LUA Projects

List of Games, Demos, Assets, Code sources ... that you can download and use freely.

When downloading the files, you are invited to you respect the following rules:

  • All original authors and sources must be quoted, as they appear in the Copyrights section of the project or demo page .
  • Any commercial use is forbidden and must be...

26-07-17 12:00

Memento LUA & Love2D

Voici une liste des différents codes source et syntaxes courantes utilisées dans le language LUA.


LUA : Syntaxes de base


  print("Blessure de : "
  print("Vie : "..tostring(player.vie))


== Est égal
~= N'est pas égal (est différent)

boucle d


30-05-17 10:37


Various Resources et posts (C#, C++, LUA, Love2D, Grav...)