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04-04-20 12:22


A "breakout" type game.

14-11-19 15:40



A game prototype that uses a simplified AI based on a state machine.


Survive as long as you can without getting caught by the horde of zombies.
At each contact, the life level of the player drops.
The game is lost if it reaches 0.

Movements and actions of the player

Change the direction of movement: Q and S...

14-11-19 15:16



Prototype of a platform game written in LUA and Love2D.


Collect all the coins to open the door and go to the next level.

Movements and actions of the player

Move the player to the right and left: keys Q and D or the right and left arrows of the keyboard.
Jump or climb up a ladder: Z key or the top arrow on the...

14-11-19 15:01



A prototype of pachinko type game for mobile.


The ball always falls from the top of the screen.
Drop the ball to the best place to maximize your score.
The ball is lost if it reaches the bottom of the screen.

Movements and actions of the player

Drop the ball: left click or touch the screen of your mobile.

14-11-19 14:59



Brick-break game written in LUA and Love2D.


Destroy all the bricks to move to the next level.

The game includes 20 levels.
The game is won when the player has passed the 20 levels of the game.
The game is lost when the player no longer has life.

Movements and actions of the player

Move the player: moves the...

20-05-17 10:37

Sources and Downloads

Free Downloads

You will find here the executable files and sources of my projects, demos or contents related to tutorials or courses that I have followed.
Everything is available for free of charge and can be freely used under the following conditions:

  1. All original authors and sources must be quoted, as they appear in the...

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