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This blog is intended to allow you to share my discoveries and my experiences in the field of programming and more specifically in the creation of video games.
You will find tips, tutorials, feedback on online trainings, code examples ....

In recent years, I have had the opportunity to test and/or browse numerous sources of information on this subject (books, online courses, youtube channels ...) and I kept up to date a trace of these informations.
As this represents a significant amount of work, I thought it could also be of interest to the "Game Coders" community.
Hence the creation of this blog, whose source files are available for free on gitlab.

Grav and Markdown files

This site was developed with CMS Grav.

Grav is a C.M.S. that uses markdown files instead of a database for managing the site content.

The interest for me is that I can use my working documents directly.

In general to follow my work, I mainly use text files, in markdown format. For me, this format offers the best compromise between simplicity of use and readability.
Since Grav uses markdown files for the main content of the site pages, it is no longer necessary to maintain 2 versions of the same document (online and offline).

A simple text editor (I mainly use Visual studio code and sometimes sublime text 3) with a ftp client (filezilla) manage the content of the site and publish when necessary.

If you want more information about using text files for project tracking (among others), I invite you to read the excellent blog plaintext-productivity.net.

For the rest, here are the main headings of the site:

Good visit !

Latest Posts

Doom Emacs Memento
September, 10 2020

Doom Emacs Memento

Voici une liste des principales notions et commandes utilisées par Emacs avec la configuration spécifique proposé par son extension nommée Doom.

Memento Unreal Engine 4
June, 04 2020

Memento Unreal Engine 4

A savoir

  • par défaut dans UE4
    • 1 Unité UE4 = 1 cm (modifiable dans les "editor settings")
    • Le player character mesure...
Revue de cours UE4
June, 02 2020

Revue de cours UE4

Vous trouvez ici des commentaires sur des formations et les cours traitant d'Unreal engine 4.
Le but de ce document est...

Revue de cours Godot Engine
May, 20 2020

Revue de cours Godot Engine

Vous trouvez ici des commentaires sur des formations et les cours traitant de Godot Engine.
smLe but de ce document...

Revue de livres Godot Engine
May, 10 2020

Revue de livres Godot Engine

Vous trouvez ici des commentaires sur des livres traitant de Godot Engine
Le but de ce document est d'inventorier, d'évaluer,...

Javascript ES6 - progammation fonctionnelle
May, 09 2020

Javascript ES6 - programmation fonctionnelle

Voici une présentation rapide du la version ES6 du langage Javascript avec l'accent mis sur les possibilités de progammation fonctionelle....